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I am back!

I am back!

Yowza! that was a long break from blogging. And honestly I don't know why I took it since my goal was to blog daily. I have pre-written every post for 6 months, in order not to miss any, but I always like proof-reading one last time and manually posting instead of pre-scheduling posts. So, with the Christmas rush, the Valentines rush and then packing and moving my life and the business (es) 400 miles way (a moving post tomorrow). I dropped the ball. So now... 3 months later I am going to continue where I left off with my 2019 highlights!

2019 was the first time we graduated from Pool Tradeshow to Project show at Magic Market Week in Las Vegas. So this is a tour of our booth. This was super nerve wracking show since not only we were moving to a bigger show with the biggest brands in the world but also the entire show was moving from years at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center to the Las Vegas Convention Center. As always I was lucky to share the space with our friends from Made In Mayhem (now CASUPO) so our booth was designed with Luz from Casupo and all the leather products are from her brand.

Note to other people like me that love a good behind-the-scenes, Wednesday I have scheduled a "making of the booth" post!

Project Trade Show Booth

This is the final product. We always sketch the booth in advance and goes through a lot of revisions, but you can plan all you want and it's not until you get there that you can hopefully execute according to plan.

Project Show Las Vegas

This is the first time we did a 5x20 booth, we usually do 10x10 and occasionally a 10x20 so the wide but narrow space was new.

Project Show Booth

We were in a section called the Foundry. To our left the good folks from Beltology.

Project Show Booth

This is a closeup of our DIY station. We do this for live events only where people can make their own necklace or keychain (with our guidance of course) but the purpose is for them to choose their own materials and charms and have the whole experience of making their own piece.

Custom Men's Necklaces

And sometimes if we get bored when the crowds thin out at the end of the day, we create our own new styles!

Men's Accessories Tradeshow

For this show I focused on putting the new designs on the table displays and our core collection on the rack so that it was easier for our repeat buyers to browse the new styles quickly.

Men's Religious Medals

New oval medals in sterling and bronze.

Men's Stainless Steel Key Chains and Money Clips

New stainless keychains, money clips, vials.

Men's Stainless Steel Jewelry

New stainless necklaces and rings. Note for blog readers that asked me when I posted our 2019 Holiday catalog about our rings, I do not sell these on the website, only to our wholesale accounts.

Men's Rope Bracelets

The new rope bracelets with the chunky sterling hook clasps are my new favorite item.

Men's Buddha Amulet Necklaces

This is the amulet collection. Love the little pops of red and gold in this collection!

Men's Cuff Bracelets

I've had this cuffs for over a year and every time I restock our wholesale accounts take them so I haven't posted them here on the website for our customers. But fingers crossed soon they will be available for all.

Men's Bead Bracelets

New bead bracelets!

Men's Pride Jewelry

New PRIDE collection! Lots more of this one coming in 2020.

Men's Sterling Silver Hook Bracelets

Did I mention how obsessed I am with these? 

Men's Bead Bracelets

These are super simple bead bracelets but I love them because they are great for stacking them and they are ver lightweight (which is my preference for bead bracelets).

That's it for the tour. Somehow I can't find more closeups of the booth that I wanted to show. Might add a bonus post when I find them.

If you want to see more of all the designs we had at this show, check out our post where we showed our catalog we made for this show.

2019 Holiday Collection (Part 1)

2019 Holiday Collection (Part 2)

Coming tomorrow...

I moved to SF (posts Tue, March 24, 2020)

And still to come...

Building our Project Show Booth (Wed, March 25)

PLUS: 2019 Highlights..., Joss Money BTS, Mike Chabot, New Styles!







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