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Holiday Catalog (Part 2 of 2)

Holiday Catalog (Part 2 of 2)

Thanks guys for emailing me about the items in the catalog that are not yet on the website. They will be shortly. Rings, etc. Everything will be on the website pretty soon.

Here is the rest of the catalog....

Male Model Jewelry Mark Romain 

We sell lots of cross necklaces and the addition of the Stars of David was per customer request. Particularly one who messaged us on facebook practically daily that he wanted the same style and material of our cross but in a star. See... if you ask (A LOT) we listen and will literally make it!

 Male Model Jewelry Mark Romain

The second half of the catalog has more model images than product. As I mentioned yesterday we really like showing who the WAAS man is to the stores that receive this catalog.

 Men's Cross Necklaces

For this season we added a lot more sizes and styles of cross pendants. Mostly by popular demand. I find people are very specific to the size and type of cross they want to wear so I am trying to offer something for everyone. Also I spot some Rose Gold in there! (the first of a bunch...!)

Men's Jewelry Necklaces 

These are additions to what I call the CORE COLLECTION. Signature WAAS pieces with varied themes or inspirations or new interpretations of old styles that received and update for 2019

Men's Ring Silver Necklaces 

Love love love this shot of Vadi. That's the motorcycle he rode to the photoshoot and of course I had to ask him to bring it in and feature it in the photos. How awesome that it is not a prop, but actually the model's every day ride!

Men's Necklace Model Joss Mooney 

Another variation of a not so old style. My favorite necklace is our Anchor + Heart + Hummingbird and so I really wanted to play with a variation and I super dig this Vermeil Gold with Black Silver. So darn sleek!

 Men's Black and Gold Necklaces

As i mentioned yesterday... I love me some contrast!

 Men's Chinese Zodiac Pendants

This is one of my favorite additions. All the Chinese Zodiac signs as well as some Chinese symbols for words such as Happiness, Love, Long Life. (these will be available this weekend!)

 Joss Mooney Jewelry

And they look great together. Do note that the Zodiac is the same length by default as the Symbols, so Joss is wearing a custom version that is 4 inches longer. So if you want this look make sure to message us when you order so we can customize yours to this longer length.

 Joss Mooney Mtv

I love a good stack!

 Men's Rope Bracelets

Every year I've been trying to introduce a new collection of mens bracelets in a lot of color ways. First paracord, then tactical, then micro cord and now these amazing rope bracelets that are individually hand braided! It's my new to-go style to layer with chain and brad bracelets for a variety in texture. (hint: upcoming how-to-wear-it blog!)

 Men's Cord Bracelets

I also added tons of new colors to the California Bracelets collection.

 Men's Jewelry Catalog

And.. that's pretty much it!

Men's Jewelry Catalog Linesheet 

This is the back cover of the catalog. Love creating this for our retailer buyers to keep handy on their desk when they to reorder stock it's easier to have a printed catalog. Plus we love creating and since we usually print at least 1000 copies, we always have some leftovers to throw in customers orders. Note that we only added to random / select orders not all. Usually Priority Mail orders that have order multiple pieces so we know the customer is not likely to toss it but more likely to browse and use it for shopping inspiration.


Hope you enjoyed my pic-by-pic commentary on the catalog. Gonna do the same for our Core Catalog next week and I will do a behind the scenes post of our 2020 catalog which is so incredible and has over 200+ new styles for next year!



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