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All Seeing Eye Pendant + Ouroboros Snake pendant Necklace for Men

This pendant marries two powerful symbols - the all-seeing eye of protection and the Ouroboros. The All-Seeing Eye is meant to shield its wearer from evil. It is thought to impart wisdom and understanding from the world, from life events, and from the self to the wearer for positive transformation. And, the ouroboros - the serpent eating its own tail - speaks to the cyclic nature of the universe; that creation begins after destruction, and life springs forth from death. It is humanity's never ending story, and our place within it. A powerful symbol of endless return, the ouroboros gives us all hope. Carry this powerful charm in your jewelry collection for protection & as a reminder that life is a never ending story.

Chain: 24 inches
2mm Curb Oxidized Sterling Silver
Clasp: Lobster Claw

21mm Circumference
Yellow Bronze