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Waterproof + Sweatproof Compass Pendant Necklace

Waterproof + Sweatproof Compass Pendant Necklace

A compass is a mangenometer used for navigation and orientation that shows direction in regards to the geographic cardinal points. It was invented more than 2000 years ago.

While this is a non-functional compass, we love the sentiment behind it and having a talisman and reminder of navigating this life and trusting that we will always have direction to find our way.

The compass and chain are 316L Waterproof Stainless Steel and comes with a 3mm round Venetian box. Also available as a set with a shorter rope chain for a cool and modern layered look.

Photos: Jake Lyle

Model: Christian Hogue

Compass Pedant Necklace Chain for Men

Christian Hogue models We Are All Smith Jewelry

Waterproof Silver Stainless Steel Pendant for Men

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