New Men's Jewelry Releases: Vintage coin necklaces for men.

Stoked about all the new men's jewelry releases this week. Adding about 60 new vintage coin pendant necklaces. All of them are one-of-a-kind. Even in some cases that we made 2+ pendants with the same coin, since the year of the coin is different they will be listed separately. Also toying with a couple found items like the (top left) watch face and the (bottom right) #11 thumbtack top turned into a pendant by removing the pin and adding a copper bezel. Oh! and by popular demand the arrowhead pendant necklace has been re-stocked as well. This time we also made one where the bezel is copper. You guys know that since we started in 2010 I've always combined yellow brass pendants with antique silver chains. Recently I am also loving the look of copper with antique silver chains. Definitely going to keep the coin collection going. Love how these can be so perfectly layered with other necklaces. Love a fella that can tell you a story of the chains and pendants he is wearing around his neck. A coin from his birthplace? a significance with the value/number? an admiration for the figure/person on the coin. Wear a Story. Each pendant is a chapter. Be ready to answer "what does it mean?".

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