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Model's personal style: Vadi

Model's personal style: Vadi

Confession: Not all our models wear jewelry in real life. Some of them wear it just for the photos. We usually send these fellas home with a "starter pack" and we usually convince them to start wearing a chain and/or a bracelet. BUT... our favorites models are the ones that LOVE jewelry and accessorizing and actually wear a LOT of jewelry in their daily life. The two main culprits are Joss and Vadi. So a couple of months ago when we started shooting content for the blog, seeing Vadi arrive to the photoshoot wearing tons of his own personal pieces gave me the idea of this blog to show you guys the model's personal style.

I will try and keep it going and make it a habit to take a couple of photos of the models with their own pieces when they arrive to our photoshoots .

Also, as I mentioned a couple blogs ago we sell mens rings at tradeshows and pop-up events and to stores that carry our line. The most common feedback I hear from dudes (that don't usually wear rings) is that they would feel sort of "on the spot" if all of a sudden they start wearing one ring. Like it's almost better that you wear more than one. The secret my friends, is to COMMIT to the rings and wear multiple... And no one can pull off that better than Vadi! Now THAT'S how you wear rings!

Also as a side note, I am 100% obsessed with Vadi wearing his belt buckle on the side and not the front. Seems a lot more comfortable too!. Btw, his belt is from our friends of Made In Mayhem.

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