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Making of new Men's Bead Bracelets. Step 1.

Making of new Men's Bead Bracelets. Step 1.

My collection of African beads and other stones/gemstones is getting a little out of control. See, I buy these beads at any opportunity but I rarely go all the way to creating a product. The sales of all the necklaces and cord bracelets keeps me so busy that I never get to creating new designs with all these beds I've been collecting. BUT ... not any more! I am on a mission to create some pretty rad bead bracelets. The way I stacked some of these beads in the photo gives you an idea of the color palette and colors that I am working on. But this is just a very sampling of what I've been playing with. Working on men's wrap bracelets, men's bead bracelets, (braided) leather bracelets and might try one or two bead necklaces (not sure yet if those would be popular in the men's jewelry realm... but probably keeping the beads on the small size might make it a safe choice). So now you've seen step 1, my materials. I will follow up with a "making of" and a final products posts very soon. Stay tuned!
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