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In case you haven't noticed...

In case you haven't noticed...

In case you haven't noticed, I have been MIA from social media these past couple of months.

To be honest a social media break is always a good thing. Notice your creative energy change when you unplug from Instagram, News, Twitter, Reddit, and the Apps you use the most. Set a timer on your phone and see how much time you spend each week giving your attention to this device. Now think, what if I use all this energy and all this time into something else? What can I discover about myself? about life? about the universe?

I will continue to be offline for a while. But I have so many new images that for the time being the WAAS blog will be the new WAAS Insta! These images are some of my new favorites! Joss Mooney photographed in the UK for We Are All Smith by Alex Mooney.

Joss Mooney

Joss MooneyJoss Mooney

more to come...

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