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How to adjust you infinity bracelet (photos)

How to adjust you infinity bracelet (photos)

Here is a handy photo step by step guide on how to adjust your WAAS Infinity bracelet:

Your We Are All Smith Infinity Bracelet will arrive in the above packing. 

 The bracelet arrives just like it is meant to be worn. Wrap around itself twice.

Unclasp the bracelet to extended it. By default it will arrive extended at approximately 14 inches long.

Measure your wrist with a measuring tape. Extend the bracelet to DOUBLE the circumference of your wrist + add 1/2 inch. For example if your wrist measures 7 inches circumference (7 x 2 = 14 + .5 = 14.5 inches would be the length that the bracelet should be at when fully extended.

In order to lengthen/shorten the bracelet, slide the knot on the OPPOSITE side of the clasp.

And slide it towards the clasp to shorten it and away from the clasp to lengthen it.

 Adjust the length to your size (wrist circumference x 2 + .5 inch) 

 Wrap the bracelet around your wrist TWICE.

Like this. Yeah we know, obvious right? but so many guys email us complaining the bracelet doesn't fit. IT FITS. I PROMISE YOU.

 Well done son! Now you are ready to rock!


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