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Found unreleased images!

Found unreleased images!

This blog is awesome as outlet for unreleased content. So many times looking for files on my computer I come across really nice images and I think... "why did I never post this?" or "why did't I release this item!" Just now looking where my computer randomly decided to save an image I came across some goodies. Enjoy!

Men's Scorpion Necklace

This is a style that I've had for a while I just haven't released until now. So far it was available on our line-sheet and available for wholesale orders only. So even though it is up I never added this image to the listing (note to self: add it now! hahaha!) I love this necklace so much. As a scorpio, of course the Scorpion is a powerful symbol for me. And this diamond and sapphire one is EVERYTHING.

Men's Silver chain necklace

 This is a chunky sterling silver cable chain necklace that is also part of the line for our stores. It's heavy and priced a little higher than our usual price-point so I've kept it aside for retailers only.

Men's Wallet and Necklace

This is the matching bracelet. This one we do have in the Gold Filled version, so honestly I don't know why I didn't add the sterling. So I'm going to add it along with our January releases. Also this image was shot for use in a tradeshow that we shared the booth with our friends of Made in Mayhem, so the wallet in the photo is from them. 

 Oh hi there Joss Mooney!




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