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Different Cross Sizes

Different Cross Sizes

File under super helpful chart to buy the correct size of cross necklace. Yaaas! so happy I finally got to creating this chart with super useful visual reference of cross pendant sizes and lengths!

Men's Gold Cross Necklaces

While every fella has a difference preference, I personally think that smaller pendants look better on shorter chains and bigger pendants look better on longer chains. That will vary significantly also based on your build, height and something no one really thinks about it when comparing themselves with to models is neck thickness and the size of your traps (aka as trapezius muscles). Our model Vadi shown in this photos has a slender build and is 6 feet tall.

The visual is just for our cross necklaces but applies to all our other necklaces as well that, with time, I plan to feature here on the blog with different lengths and compared to other pendants.

Seen here:

Small Cross Necklace (in Gold)

Medium Cross Necklace (in Gold)


Large Cross Necklace (also in Gold)



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