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Get this look (Rope Chain Necklace & Gold Cross Necklace)

Get this look (Rope Chain Necklace & Gold Cross Necklace)

One of the most popular combos that customers buy is a cross necklace and a chain necklace to layer them together. We are working on selling these combos together at a special discount since it's the two products that guys buy together the most. I know it's a trend but figured a visual reference for all of you attending my Men's Jewelry 101 lectures on this blog could use a point of reference of the lengths and how it looks together.

Vadi is wearing:

The Men's Gold Rope Chain Necklace (at 22 inches)


The Men's Gold Large Cross (at 24 inches)

And if you are not a gold dude, of course the combo can also be achieved with our silver rope chain and silver cross necklace as well as our black rope chain and black cross necklace. (will post photos of those combos in the next couple of blogs)


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