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BROTIP #1: Necklaces that men should wear.

BROTIP #1: Necklaces that men should wear.

So many times at gift shows, street fairs and markets, men approach my booth with a sense of amusement, spend 30 mins looking at our necklaces and bracelets and then leave saying "great stuff man, I don't wear jewelry, but good job". Even friends (that don't wear jewelry) when I show them the website or a new design ask me "how do you think this would look on me?".

So fellas that "don't wear jewelry", here I am to give you tips on what to wear. The first will be a series of BROTIPS on the acceptable necklaces, bracelets and rings to wear and then I will do more posts on which pieces suit your look the best.

The first BROTIP series is which are some of the totally acceptable necklaces to wear. I'll start with the necklace that has one chain and multiple charms. Of course you should not hang 27 charms from 1 chain. Let's keep it between 2-4. This is one of my favorite styles because it's the type of necklace that is full of meaning. How do those pendants relate to one another? what is their meaning? and what powerful energy to they bring to you when combined?

My favorite one is our Journey Necklace. Here is the meaning behind it: "Travel forth wearing our Journey Necklace for men, and feel the warm wind of good fortune on your back. The functional, miniature compass in brass will guide you towards love and success, the bronze anchor will stabilize you during life's challenges, and the bronze four leaf clover will bestow luck upon you when you need it most. Carl Jung saw luck as synchronicity, which he described as "a meaningful coincidence". Fill your life with meaning.

So there you go. Wear stories, wear powerful talismans, good luck amulets. This is a crazy world and if you can switch your energy a little by carrying the combination of this mementos around your neck every day, I say... you gotta do it.

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