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B-sides and Re-Issues.

B-sides and Re-Issues.

The First 10 Years celebration of the brand is giving me all these excuses to re-visit the WAAS archives and find all these goodies that had been forgotten and bring them back out.

"In the Middle of Glorious Battle" was a white t-shirt from Collection No. 4. Last year a customer asked me to remake that t-shirt but once I saw the graphic I just wasn't feeling it. I asked him if it was the graphic or the phrase he was interested in and he said that phrase hit him deeply and that's why he wanted to purchase again the t-shirt he has worn so many times for so many years. So instead of using the old graphic this was a great chance to re-imagine it in a completely different way. I didn't make it with the intention of releasing it but I figured a Ten Year Celebration was a good opportunity to release B-sides. All those graphics that were never released/seen or made for other occasions. Here is our first B-side.

"In the Middle of Glorious Battle" (10 Year Anniversary edition) is now available for a limited time:


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