A page from our Men's Jewelry Catalog
This photo is from our Jewelry catalog or "linesheet". Printed for stores and our wholesale accounts we always print extras and send to some customers, so a couple of you may have already seen this photo. I need to share these photos 'cause man it takes forever to set them up an get the spacing just right and all the chains perfectly laid as I want them. I busted out my collection of vintage patches to create a little theme. In case you didn't know I design the jewelry and take the photos, so I am my own client when it comes to all the We Are All Smith jewelry photos. Pictured: Silver Compass Necklace ($30), Knife Necklace ($34), Bronze Claw Necklace ($39), Anchor Necklace ($29), Iron Skull Necklace ($44) and Monocle Necklace ($39). Side note: Seriously thinking selling some of my patches (I have hundreds!) just need to create some cool sets and packing!

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