Crystal quartz necklace

Let your dreams solidify with our men's Wrapped Crystal Quartz Necklace. Hung from a 28” antique silver-plated brass chain, this 40mm crystal has been carefully handwrapped in wax cord just for you. Each one is unique, and will vary slightly in appearance from these photos. Once believed to be permanently frozen water by Pliny the Elder, quartz is, instead, the second most abundant mineral in Earth's continental crust. Quartz has been praised over the centuries for its strength and beauty, often associated with the landscape of dreams and imagination.

Chain: Antique silver plated brass, 28 inches.

Because of the nature of the crystals, each one is unique and the one you receive will vary slightly from these photos.

Length: 40 mm length approx.

Material: Crystal Quartz, Wax Cord.