Crossfit Jewelry for men
Crossfit Jewelry for men Crossfit necklaces Man jewelry necklace

Increase your reps wearing our men’s Weight Plate Bronze Necklace for men. The durable, eye-catching pendant was made from solid bronze, and hangs from a 28 inch silver-plated brass chain. Weightlifting of one sort or another dates back as far as Ancient Greece. the physician Galen described strength training exercises using the “halteres” (an early form of the dumbbell) in the 2nd century. Nevertheless, it wasn’t until the 1970s that weightlifting achieved truly widespread popularity, following the release of Pumping Iron starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. Add a couple more plates and join the movement. 

Necklace pendant: Bronze (.75 inches wide).

Necklace chain: Silver plated brass, 28 inches long.