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Wax Seal Virgo Constellation Necklace


Plunge into the deep with our Virgo Necklace made by casting copper clay with a wax seal. Strung on a 28 inch silver plated brass chain, each pendant is unique, much the same as each Virgo is their own individual, sharing common traits with others born under the same sign. 

The Greeks connected Virgo with Demeter, their goddess of wheat and agriculture, also the mother of Persephone. In other stories she is identified as Erigone, daughter of Icarius of Athens. Icarius, who had been favored by Dionysus, was slaughtered by his shepherds while they were drunk and out of control. In her grief, Erigone hanged herself, and Dionysus placed both father and daughter in the sky as Bootes and Virgo.

People born under the modern astrological sign of Virgo have the most internalized type of personality. Virgos may present a calm and collected exterior to the world, but inside they are furiously trying to analyze, organize and improve everything they come across. Their intensity and desire for perfection aside, Virgos are pure of heart, honest and always want to make the world a better place for everyone. Their tendency towards skepticism is almost always outweighed by their desire to help. 

*Note: because of the handmade nature of this pendant each one is one-of-a-kind and the one you receive will vary slightly from the photos on this page.

Chain: Antique Silver Plated Brass, 28 inches, lobster clasp.

Charms: Copper Metal Clay.