Sri Yantra Necklace for Men
Sri Yantra Necklace for Men Sri Yantra Necklace for Men Sri Yantra Necklace for Men Sri Yantra Necklace for Men Sri Yantra Necklace for Men

The Sri Yantra is a form of mystical diagram, found in the Shri Vidya school of Hindu Tantra. The diagram is formed by nine interlocking triangles that surround and radiate out from the central point. The two dimensional Sri Chakra, when it is projected into three dimensions is called a Maha Meru.

It represents the goddess in her form of Shri Lalita, "the beauty of the three worlds" - Bhoo, Bhuva and Swa. (Earth, Atmosphere and Sky(heaven)). The worship of the Sri Chakra is central to the Shri Vidya system of Hindu worship. Four isosceles triangles with the apices upwards, representing the Masculine. Five isosceles triangles with the apices downward, symbolizing female embodiment. Thus the Sri Yantra also represents the union of Masculine and Feminine Divine. Because it is composed of nine triangles, it is known as the Navayoni Chakra.

"These nine triangles are of various sizes and intersect with one another. In the middle is the power point (bindu), visualizing the highest, the invisible, elusive centre from which the entire figure and the cosmos expand. The triangles are enclosed by two rows of (8 and 16) petals, representing the lotus of creation and reproductive vital force. The broken lines of the outer frame denote the figure to be a sanctuary with four openings to the regions of the universe".

Together the nine triangles are interlaced in such a way as to form 43 smaller triangles in a web symbolic of the entire cosmos or a womb symbolic of creation. This is surrounded by a lotus of eight petals, a lotus of sixteen petals, and an earth square resembling a temple with four doors.

Pendant: Raw brass. 24 mm diameter.

Length: 27 inches.