"Liberty or Death" Military Green + Antique Rose Gold Cord Bracelet

"Liberty or Death" Military Green + Antique Rose Gold (stainless steel) Cord Bracelet

The Tactical Cord Bracelet.

Tactical cord is designed for the military and tactical operation. Small and compact yet ultra strong and lightweight. Internally it has a 4 strand core design, great for emergency preparedness on the field.

3/32” diameter. 275 lbs tensile strength. Uv resistant.
Rot & mildew resistant. Colors will not run or bleed.

Stainless steel sailboat steel wichard torsion spring hook.

Size: One size fits all. (Adjustable by sliding one of the ends to shorten the length to that of your wrist)


Materials: Tactical Cord (275 lbs test, 4 strand core, UV resistant)

Clasp: Stainless Steel (Antique Rose Gold Plated)

Made in the USA.