Personalized Men's Necklace
Personalized Men's Necklace Compass Necklace Compass Pendant Jewelry for Men Jewelry for Man Men's Necklace Compass Jewelry Custom Men's Pendants

Our brass unisex Miniature Antiqued Compass Necklace on brass chain is all you need to find your way home. Invented as a divination device thousands of years ago in the early Chinese Han Dynasty, compasses have been helping people find their way both physically and spiritually ever since. From harmonizing feng shui to organizing military maneuvers, compasses have guided us through our many journeys. Discover your true direction. 

PERSONALIZATION: Once you reach checkout/cart you will find a form field to send a message to us. Enter the custom message you wish to engrave on the back of the compass there. Please note the engravable surface is small and anything else than 8-10 words will not fit. To keep the font legible we are only able to use the font you see in the photos at this time. Please note that personalized items cannot be returned/exchanged.

Compass: .5 inches (diameter) Smaller than a penny!

Brass chain: 24 inches