Leather Key Chain with Snap Hook (Camo) (SOLD OUT)
Leather Key Chain with Snap Hook (Camo) (SOLD OUT) Leather Key Chain with Snap Hook (Camo) (SOLD OUT)

Blend seamlessly into any environment with our handmade Camo Keychain for men. Built from hand-cut, sewn and dyed leather with a hand-painted camo pattern, this keychain uses a tough, reliable, military spec carabiner hook. Long the domain of natural wildlife, military camouflage didn't really achieve true popularity until the 19th century as firearms increased dramatically in range and accuracy. Keep your keys safe.


Use the Snap Shackle with quick release to hook the key chain to one of your belt loops and wear the keychain outside  your pocket  (trust us, it's more comfortable, specially if you have tons of keys). You can also use the shackle open and close option to handle different sets of key-rings (valet, home, office) and make it easy to handle keys to parking attendants while keeping your home keys with you.


Snap Shackle with quick release leather tag: The latch will not release until the leather tag is pulled. The latch can be closed again without the pull of the tag. 


Each keychain is 100% cut, dyed and sewn by hand (so each one might vary slightly). Comes inside a soft cloth bag.


Color: Camo

Hardware: Snap Shackle

Measures: 4.5 inches long.