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Dumbbell Bronze Necklace for men

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It’s all about tone with our Dumbbell Bronze Necklace for men. Cast in resilient solid bronze, this tough little pendant hangs from a 28” silver plated brass chain. The very first dumbbells were hewn out of solid rock, with a hold carved through to act as a gripping handle. Called “halteres”, these early dumbbells were used by the Ancient Greeks for strength training and even long jump sporting events. A kind of dumbbell has been used for over a millennium in India shaped like a club. The name dumbbell originated in late Stuart England, and refers simply to the apparatus being similar in shape to a church bell, only without the bell, so noiseless - or dumb. 

Dumbbell Pendant: Bronze (.75 inches long).

Necklace Chain: Silver Plated Brass chain, 28 inches long.