Aquarius Necklace for men
Aquarius Necklace for men Astrology jewelry for men

Choose your own path with our Aquarius Necklace made by casting copper clay with a wax seal. Strung on a 28 inch silver plated chain, each pendant is unique, just the same as each Aquarius is their own individual despite sharing many common traits. 

In the Greek tradition, Aquarius is often associated with Troy. A young, beautiful boy named Ganymede was out tending to his father's sheep when he caught the attention of Zeus, who transformed himself into an eagle to steal Ganymede away to Mount Olympus, where he would have to serve drinks to Zeus. When Ganymede grew tired of his duties, he poured out the water and wine meant for Zeus, causing a great flood. Instead of getting angry, Zeus granted Ganymede immortality and gave him the constellation Aquarius.

In contemporary astrology we know Aquarians to be incredibly independent, displaying both kindness and rebellion in equal measures. Never satisfied with living an ordinary life, people born under the sign of Aquarius are progressive thinkers who seek true fulfillment in their aims and ambitions. They want to have their own way, and can be stubborn when confronted, but they have respect for everyone, and consider wisdom the greatest goal of all. This is the sign of visionaries. 

*Note: because of the handmade nature of this pendant each one is one-of-a-kind and the one you receive will vary slightly from the photos on this page.

Chain: Antique Silver Plated Brass, 28 inches, lobster clasp.

Charms: Copper Metal Clay.