Silver necklace for men
Silver necklace for men silver jewelry for men silver pendants silver neckace We Are All Smith necklace

Silver Anchor, Miniature Compass and Four leaf clover Necklace for men.

Travel forth wearing our Anchor & Compass Necklace for men and women, and feel the warm wind of good fortune on your back. The functional, miniature compass in brass (rhodium plated) will guide you towards love and success, the bronze (silver plated) anchor will stabilize you during life's challenges, and the sterling silver four leaf clover will bestow luck upon you when you need it most. Carl Jung saw luck as synchronicity, which he described as "a meaningful coincidence". Fill your life with meaning..

Anchor pendant: .75 inches long

Brass compass pendant: .50 inches long

Chain Length: 28 inches (brass, rhodium plated)

Materials: Brass, Bronze, Sterling Silver, Silver plating.