Silver Compass
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Our shiny silver Miniature Compass Necklace is all you need to find your way home. Invented as a divination device thousands of years ago in the early Chinese Han Dynasty, compasses have been helping people find their way both physically and spiritually ever since. From harmonizing feng shui to organizing military maneuvers, compasses have guided us through our many journeys. Discover your true direction. 

Note: this is a functional "toy" necklace. Meaning it will point north, but it is not intended to be used as a real functional compass while exploring, hiking, navigating, etc.

A new version of one of our most popular styles now in gold (shiny polished brass). This miniature and functional toy compass works and points to magnetic North. Hangs from 24 inch chain mini ball chain and has a lobster clasp.

Compass: Shiny Polished White Brass

Compass: 16mm diameter.
Compass: Depth 6 mm